Tuesday, May 1, 2007


We're quite fortunate to know a whole bunch of people who are doing this baby thing at the same time as us (approximately). I think that knowing that there are these people out there that we actually know and hear about is making this whole thing a little easier for Matt and I. It's seeming to make the whole process a little less alien (ha ha, little critter growing in my belly).

Anyway--my cousin Nathan and his wife Melanie (well, really mostly Mel...) had a healthy little baby girl last week. Congrats to you and new Elizabeth Ann! One of the guys that Matt works with is pregnant (again, really his wife...) and they found out last week that they're having a girl in September. And, one of the ladies that I work with has a daughter (and son-in-law) who also found out last week that they'll be having a little girl in September. Seeing a trend?

So, we're due in November. Another guy that Matt knows from work and his wife are due in November (like a week after us), and a friend of ours has a sister who is due a few days before us in November. I'm seeing 3 girls to Nate and Mel, Jeff and Crystal, and Christina and Lucas, which, odds would say, should leave 3 boys to the three of us due in November.

That probably won't be the case, and it really doesn't matter. 10 fingers and 10 toes and screaming its little head off is all I really want, but it's fun to speculate :)

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  1. Hopefully the screaming it's little head off doesn't last too long