Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Food 'n stuff

Food! We've waited a bit to start Joseph on food on the doctor's advice...apparently since he's prone to excema (which we seem to be managing pretty well), that can indicate a propensity for food allergies. But, we decided that it was time for rice cereal. He's getting used to it. Who would have thought that swallowing food would be something that you'd have to learn? He seems to be doing pretty well with it, though. Since he's figured out how to roll onto his tummy, we can't keep him on his back either. Ordinarily this wouldn't seem to be a problem, but he rolled over last night and forgot to turn his silly little face, so when I went in to check on him before I went to bed he was face down in his mattress and crib bumper. I just freaked a little. I took the bumpers off (in the dark...) and rolled him back over. Then, I woke up like every 45 minutes and went in there to make sure that he wasn't suffocating himself again. It was a great night for me :)

In other news: Max and Jackie are home (yeah!). Jackie helped me buy jeans yesterday which I despirately needed (thank you-we had tons of fun!). My cousin Stephanie is pregnant! Yeah! Congratulations Steph! We leave Friday afternoon for our annual all-of-the-family trip to Sandusky, the Cheese Nazi, and Cedar Point, America's Roller Coast. Then Joseph and I are going on to Chicago on Tuesday to hang out with Matt's family until his sister's wedding on Saturday. So, we're getting ready. Busy busy busy.


  1. Lucky you get to go on trips already! I have to deal with 4 projects and a book analysis before graduating. *sigh*
    Why do teachers like to pile projects onto students at the end of the year, especially AP teachers after AP Exams?

    Oh well.
    I hope you'll have fun!

    ~Dan Yuan

  2. Hi again!

    There was a Dan Pip sighting at Elm St. Middle School subbing for a class.

    What? Pip subbing?! Whoa.

    Yea that was my first reaction. But then I thought he would be great with kids. THen again, I wouldn't trust him with my kids. :)

    ~Dan Yuan