Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This week

Well, we're at it again. We left on Friday for the long weekend in Sandusky, Ohio with my cousins and their crews. We ended up with what seemed like a million people (probably close to 30ish in reality) bouncing all over two houses. Joseph did so well. He got a screaming kick out of his little cousins (second cousins, actually) and they seemed to love him. He's currently the littlest one so we just had to keep an eye on him so that he didn't get hurt. We had a great day at Cedar Point too. My cousin Nathan drove us over there in the boat which was infinitely easier (and way more fun) than driving the car. Joseph didn't particularly love the boat, but he'll learn :) Then Matt left for home with my folks and Jackie on Monday and Joseph and I drove to Chicago today for some time with his folks. He did wonderfully in the car--slept most of the time. I'm wiped, but hopefully I'll get caught up sometime this week.

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  1. Hi Krones!

    Senior Prom was awesome!! Guess who was my date? Jenn! And guess who else I saw? Pip!

    Prom was great! I had a blast. I wish I could show you some pictures...they're all on my facebook.

    ~Dan Yuan