Saturday, June 14, 2008

Matt's Wonder Week

Since I usually write about The Boy (the little one, that is), this post is entirely devoted to The Man (the big boy). To say that Matt's had a good week would be an understatement.
  • He finished another class for his MBA and earned another A.
  • He was selected for a job at SNHU to be an A/V and I/T something-or-other--bottom line: he got a new job!
  • And, he's up in somewhere-out-of-cell-service, NH fly fishing right now.

The job is really the most exciting thing for us, although Matt always loves fishing with the guys (my dad and Max), and who doesn't like getting A's? He's been with the same company since April (I think) of 2001 and has moved around quite a bit with them. It's been a good job and he's worked with some amazing people, but it was time to move on. So, this position at SNHU was recommended to us by our friends K and K since it is currently K's job and they're leaving NH (which we're rather sad about) so the position will be available. We're really (really) excited about this opportunity and couldn't be more grateful for the blessings that have come our way.

Happy Father's Day, babe! You're a great Dad and husband and I'm so proud of you! I hope that you caught lots of fish :) [even though, that's really the bonus of the Father's Day fishing/camping/bonding weekend] I love you.


  1. YEAH!!!!!!! Congratulations Matt!!!!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations... that is awesome!!!

  3. Also, it was awesome to bump into you several times yesterday. We should do lunch sometime, get the girls (me, you,Carrie...) and the babes together.

  4. Nice!

    I was hoping that I would see you at graduation. Haha I should've told you to come earlier. That's ok. I'll find some way to get you to sign my yearbook...even if it takes several years. :)

    Grats to Mr. Krones!

    ~Dan Yuan

  5. what great news! it is wonderful to hear things are so good for you and your family.

    i hope we can see each other soon. we miss you tons!


  6. That is great news! Tell Matt congratulations!!! I caught up on your blog. Joseph is absolutely adorable. I can't wait to see him in August.