Saturday, November 22, 2008

TGFG: Thank Goodness For Grandparents

Such a productive day...I swear I work harder on the weekends than I do during the week...although it feels like I'm working at something all the time. Matt and I were super-cleaners this morning. My folks took Joseph for a few hours so that we could have some uninterrupted and distraction-free focused cleaning time since Matt's folks are coming in this week for Thanksgiving and Joseph's birthday. In the midst of everything, we ended up at the dump and decided to check the "Too Good to be Dumped" store and happened upon a practically new little kitchen thingy for the kiddo. It's nice and small and not pink and requires no batteries. So, we took it and Matt bleached it when we got home. We just need to figure out which of his toys will work for pots, pans, and food. We'll figure it out. And, if he hates it--who cares? It was free! Now, if I can just stave off this head cold that I feel is sneaking up on me for another week...

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