Friday, December 12, 2008

Serves me right probably

So, this is what I get for shooting my mouth off about the weather. We lost power last night around 1am and it's not back on yet. At present, we're sitting at my parents' house because they have a generator, which means that they have: 2 lights, a refrigerator, heat, running water, television, and internet. We do need to head back to our house, though, to check on the cat and all that stuff. We're going to stay there tonight...probably all in the same bed with a big down comforter. Tomorrow, if we're still not back on we're probably going to warm the place up with my parents' generator and then let it sit again for a while. I've got pictures to post of some of the lines that were down by our house and all of the ice on the trees.

Since it was an ice day of no school, that also means that we had Indian food for lunch. That's just what we do on no school days. It was delicious. Then we got to go shopping at Target, which also had no power, but their generator ran half of their lights, the registers, and their credit card machines. What's really important, here?

I'll let you all know how we fare...


  1. back in january i was living in coneaut, ohio. i was without power for two or three days. i can't remember exactly, but it is in my blog...
    anyways. i lost all my food too. plus i froze my tookis off. it stunk.
    i hope it doesn't hit you too hard.

  2. I'm blaming it all on you LOL!!!!!!