Thursday, March 26, 2009


Mr. Joseph continues to amaze me, so I thought that I'd share some of the little things that make him so neat (besides the fact that he's mine...).

He's got a pile of words that seem to grow every week.
He can show you where his nose is, but he also points to his nose when you ask him about his toes...
He loves his kitties--live or stuffed.
He likes cheese, but none of those Kraft slices...he prefers the deli stuff. He's a connoisseur already--definitely my child :)
When he gets pissed off, he fists up his hands, straightens his whole body, and yells until his face turns bright red (kind of entertaining except for the pissed off screaming kid part).
He has [what my mother calls] the strength of his convictions. Others might say that he's stubborn, but I prefer to acknowledge his decision-making abilities and refusal to be persuaded by society (or mom).
He loves wheels, his tricycle, his wagon, and Papa's tractor.
Wheel of Fortune is a new favorite too.
And, this is a funny story: he and Matt were making breakfast this past weekend when Matt took an english muffin out of the bag and set it on the counter in front of Joseph. Joseph then proceeded to open the toaster oven, put the english muffin into the toaster oven, close it, and turn it on. We're kind of nervous about the other things that he's learned from watching us...

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  1. Amazing! I feel kind of bad, but I just love Luke's mad face. I try not to giggle because who wants to be laughed at when they are pissed? Still it's so funny! What words is he saying?