Thursday, April 2, 2009

I guess you never know...

Well, Matt and I are headed out tomorrow morning with Mr. Joseph to a friend's wedding this weekend. It's just outside Albany, and will hopefully be an enjoyable party. Matt's folks are meeting us there to watch Joseph while Matt and I do wedding-y things (like go to the rehearsal dinner, the wedding, and reception). We're excited about the whole that we've found the video camera...

And, my goodness...we just heard from an old friend (B) here that his mom's good friend died tonight. Did you catch that whole string of relations? Well, regardless, this man lived down the street from us and has been in and out of B's life over the past 4 or 5 years, I think. Matt and I have known him for about that long and have always known him to be a sweet, kind, and giving man. I guess that he had a heart attack (from what it kind of sounds like), and that was it. Yikes. I don't know if it's the seasons changing, or what, but another friend from college lost her dad about 2 weeks ago to cancer, and my students have grandparents dropping right and left.

Now, I understand that death is a part of life, and I'm reasonably comfortable with my views of life-after-death, but, still...geez! It just seems like when one person passes away, you relive the loss of all of the other people who have gone along the way. And, Edward's garden is nearly blooming. Edward was a teacher down the hall from me who was killed by a drunk driver about a year and a half ago. We planted daffodils for him that we all walk past every morning and afternoon. Ugh.

I'm really not okay with the thought of losing people in an untimely manner, and I understand that people make choices that lead to certain ends (FREAKING STOP SMOKING PEOPLE--DON'T YOU GET IT YET?!), but that doesn't make the hole that they leave in your heart any smaller. So, although these assorted people weren't my bffs, I still have pleasant memories of them and I will miss them.

Rest in peace.

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