Monday, April 6, 2009

Sick 'n stuff

So, I'm officially sick of being sick. This has been one hell of a cold/flu season for us, in part due to Mr. Joseph being new in day care, and in part due to it just being one hell of a cold/flu season. Matt and I have been fighting something nasty for going on 3 weeks now. We've just been so busy, too, that we haven't really had time to deal with the annoying coughs, or the achy throat/head/chest. Matt broke down and went to the doctor today. He was told that he's got bronchitis that's most likely due to some residual infection. He was prescribed azithromycin, Mucinex, fluids, and rest. I think that I've got to call tomorrow. I'm reasonably certain that I have strep throat. If I do, I probably have to take Joseph in to be screened too. And, we've all had kind of icky eyes on and off for a while now, too. So...bleh. My throat hurts A LOT and I'm sick of it.

Otherwise, we had an AWESOME weekend this past weekend. An old buddy from college got married in New York (state), and Matt was standing up. So, we packed up and headed out there. We reconnected with a whole pile of Valpo alum and genuinely enjoyed each others' company it hadn't been years since we'd all been together. Yet another reason that I love Valpo and am proud to have been a part of it--so many neat people!

Here's a couple cute pictures from our lives and the wedding:
Joseph likes his tunnel.
So does Charley. Bitches.*
*Matt and I are reasonably certain that Charley is swearing at us whenever he looks at us, which is why statements involving him are often followed by "bitches."
The fam after the hitching.

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