Friday, April 16, 2010


I figure if I write them down, then it seems more real:

1. Finish blanket for Baby S by April break (a week from Monday)
2. Make quilt for Baby D, although I suppose that I can call him Frankie, since that will be his name, during April break (yeah, I'm going for a whole quilt in 8 days)
3. Knit blanket for Baby H after April break, but finish by July 10
4. Sell condo
5. Buy house
6. Lose 15 lbs

4 needs to happen before 5. And 6 needs to happen by the time we leave for vacation in July. 4 and 5 should be done by then, too. So, there. Goals with time lines. And, you know what the best thing is? They're all remarkably realistic and doable. Honestly, the 15 lbs is going to be the hardest one. I know that might sound absurd to some people, but I'm apparently quite attached to my extra fluff. A lady at school says that it's all about your perspective, and she maintains that she has a Fabul-ASS...which I kind of like. Although, I'd be okay being a bit less fab. I'm not all worked up about it, though.

It seems that the home selling process is turning out to be slightly less painful than I had anticipated, also. We worked really (and I do mean, really) hard last weekend thinning our place out. We moved over 20 boxes out and no less than 5 pieces of furniture out with the intent of making our place feel bigger and more spacious. I think that it worked. We've been on the market since Tuesday night and already have 3 showings scheduled for the next few days. I hope that people are inspired, because I'm already getting itchy about living so cleanly. It just isn't natural! I taught entropy in class today, and we discussed how the natural course of the universe is to tend towards increased randomness, and my house is no exception! So, keep your fingers crossed for us. We've been so fortunate to live in such a cute place for the past 7 years, and I will be kind of sad to leave it (because I really do adore it), but it's time to move on. We need more space. So, that's where we're headed. Hopefully.

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  1. Keeping my fingers crossed that your condo sells soon!