Saturday, April 24, 2010


I realize that I have lacked pictures in recent posts. Sorry. Here are a few, along with a general update. Sorry for the average quality, I can't find my camera, so these are from my cell phone.

For starters, it's VACATION WEEK!! Yeah!! My folks have headed out of town, which means that we're pug sitting. They generally take their dog with them since they tend to travel with their house behind the truck, but this little trip's purpose is to outfit the new truck with the abilities to become snail-like. This means that Scout is spending the long weekend chillin' with her sissy, Staley. They're doing quite well so far, as long as I don't give Scout too much attention...Staley is a jealous and protective little dog.And, per last posts goals and deadlines, I'm happy to report that I have succeeded at #1! Baby S's blanket is done! I've got to tie in the loose ends and wash it (I don't think that it needs too much blocking, but we'll see how it comes out of the's mostly acrylic to be baby-friendly), but the big stuff is done. This is a new pattern for me that I found on Ravelry (my favorite knitting community). I've never knit two skeins together before, but I like the result; and it goes loads faster.A lady at school brought her 5 month old son in the other day. He's cute. I'm not ready for that again. I'm absolutely loving Joseph (not that that's a new thing) and watching him develop himself. He's a chatty little man with a fabulous range of emotions. He's come up with some crazy-cute expressions lately, and I need to record them so that I don't forget. He also loves books and all things cars and trucks. And kitties.Once the weather became warm enough to wear sandals, I tend to shed my closed shoes. So, Joseph decided that he needed to join the trend and wear toes. As in, "No, Mama. I'm not wearin' socks. I'm wearin' toes!" And another slightly less precious moment came the week after Easter. He found one of his Easter eggs that had M&Ms in it and the following conversation ensued:

"Mama, I need emmnemms."
"No, you need to eat dinner before M&Ms."
"MAMA! I need emmnemms, NOW!"
"That is not how you talk to Mama, and you need to eat your dinner before you have M&Ms."
"MAMA! I'm 'onna ask one more time. 1. 2. 3..."
Silence. Mama is trying too hard to contain laughter to respond. Thankfully he had figured out how this was going to end, and had moved on. Yikes.

Darling, isn't he?
2. It's a wonder. Here's a cuter moment from last week.

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  1. Love the blanket! And you better watch out, it sounds like Joseph is going to be handful! :-) I probably would've laughed too with the M&Ms one.
    July 17th is the big day. It's coming fast!