Thursday, August 26, 2010


This summer has been full of adventure of all kinds. Particularly, my mom and I tried to make an effort to go somewhere with Joseph each week that he would like. As you may have garnered, it's been a busy summer, so we missed a few in there, and spent a few of them on a big boat. But, I wanted to recap our assorted adventures. I've got pictures, but they're still on my camera. I'll load them up when I get a chance.

We started at Charmingfare Farm. I had heard from some friends that it was pretty neat, so we headed over there. Joseph got to ride the pony twice and we took a tractor-train ride. Other than that, it was a farm. For those of us from the midwest, this was kind of a downer. They had animals and plants. And they charged admission. Oh, and they had lynx. And the lynx cage had a very large pile of feathers in it. And two lynx kittens. That part was kind of entertaining.

Then we went to Chicago for Baby Frankie's baptism. That was an adventure all by itself! We got to go to ice cream and saw some baby ducks in a fountain, and we went to a bbq where Joseph learned how to use a squirt gun. Important life skill.

Then we went on a boat. The cruise, itself, wasn't terribly kid-focused, but I think that he had a lot of fun hanging out with all of us and going new places. He did get to play in a fountain in Germany, and that seemed like a lot of fun.

Then we came home for a few days. Then we went to Missouri for some friends' wedding. Joseph carried a very important pillow and did a very nice job. He also played a lot of cars with Baba. We swam in the pool and managed to hit the St. Louis Zoo before our flight home. The zoo was a hit. He liked the monkeys.

Then we came home, again. Then we went to the Roger Williams Zoo with some friends. He liked the elephants (eih-fants) and the goats (they were climbing on their rocks and butting their heads--he thought that was funny).

Then we went to Storyland. He didn't like the long car ride up there, but had a good time once we got there. He got to drive lots of cars and play in little houses. It was the first time that we'd all been there, and it was pretty cute.

We had two barbecue's in one weekend where Joseph got to run around with a lot of little kids and just be a little kid. Between that and some other play dates, I think that we might need to look into a little kid's golf set and maybe a little trampoline. A swing set may be in order, too, if a location can be found.

And, we probably just got home from our last summer adventure. We drove up to Lake Winnepesaukee and rode the Scenic Railroad. It was cute. Then we played Skee-Ball in the arcade and rode little kid rides. Joseph won a calculator with our tickets that he thinks is a cell phone, so he spent the ride home saying 'Can you hear me?'

So now, school starts on Monday. I don't think that I'm ready, but I'm not not ready...if that makes sense. It'll be okay and it'll be fine to get back to that routine. September is always exhausting, but we always make it.

Stay tuned!


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  2. That sounds like so much fun, it's nice to get some trips done before school starts!