Friday, August 20, 2010

Everyone who has a cat also has a box of crap in their house

Food for thought, isn't it. I've got all kinds of cat things. If they were bigger, they'd eat us.

Ok. So, I'm not a super crunchy hippie granola chick. My kid eats Froot Loops (which ultimately end up in his disposable diapers), my husband loves his gas-guzzling '72 Chevelle, and we love us our central air conditioning. That being said, however, we do our little parts to "Green" up our lives a bit. I bring my own bags
to the grocery store, we recycle, I buy and sell stuff at our local consignment store, and I just bought this Feline Pine stuff for our beloved Charley.I read somewhere that clay cat litter (and its contents) are a surprisingly large percentage of landfills. Add to that the fact that most responsible cat owners (of which I am not particularly) scoop their cat boxes on a daily basis into those plastic bags that you get from the grocery store, and that's a lot of shit. Literally. So, I saw this Feline Pine stuff when I was at the store the other day and decided to give it a shot. I just bought the original and mixed it with the little bit of clay litter that we had left so that Charley would actually use it. I was initially skeptical because it looks kind of like hamster food, but Charley quickly gave it a test run and it seems to work quite nicely! The company website touts all sorts of environmental benefits, but I like that it's not dusty and the pieces are too big to be drug all over our house. Considering that I'm a mostly lousy housekeeper, Joseph not picking pieces of kitty litter off of his little bare feet will be a plus, too.So, cat owners, give it a shot the next time you need a bag of litter! Check out their website, and print off the coupon to try a bag for free. I tossed my receipt already, so I'll have to get the next bag for free. And, save your silly Pine Points for other freebies for yourself or someone else.

Have you tried something different lately that has been a pleasant surprise?

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