Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Me 'n Paula

Remember that old song "Opposites Attract"? Really it's the 'two steps forward, two steps back' thing that's running through my brain because that's how I feel like I'm living these days. It's ok; I know it is. I'm really not complaining, but some days are better than others.

Seriously, though, you should just click on the link and take a moment to remember yourself in tight-rolled acid-washed jeans, mall bangs, and waaaay too bright clothing. What's that? You don't remember wearing those things in 1989 because you were too young/not born yet? I'm sorry. You missed it. Blame your parents.

In other news, we had a nice Halloween. The Boy dressed up as a gray kitty and went trick-or-treating at Matt's school. The kids in one of the dorms decorate and hand out candy and it was cute. He wasn't real crazy about the whole experience, but we got it done. He seems to like the candy (that which won't kill him), so I guess it went well.

See how cute he was?
That's all. Now we're gearing up for the next thing...whatever that will be.


  1. We did that at RPI this year. I loved it! A girl in my hall squeeled every time someone brought a baby by.

    *busy blaming parents for not being born in 1989*

  2. So cute! Can't believe how big he's getting...

    And thanks for the 80s/early 90s flashback. I totally remember this pair of black spandex with this huge shirt I'd tie on my hip that was covered in flourescent paint speckles. Add scrunch socks of two different colors doubled up on each leg and I was one good looking chica :)