Saturday, June 9, 2007

School and Baby

6 days left. Next week we've got regular classes M-W, then exams Thursday and Friday, and the next Monday is our check-out day. Of course there's awards nights and graduation included in there, but it'll go by quickly. I'm looking forward to eliminating this stress from my life right now, but I do enjoy my job and usually miss it and the people that I work with over the summer. There is definately a reason that teachers don't do the school thing over the summer...we need the break. Although, I am finding myself teaching for 2 weeks at Middlesex Community College in this summer camp program for kids who's parents want them to learn something over the summer. By the time that it gets here, I should have a moderately functional course planned (I hope).

In other news, I'm starting to feel some kind-of regular movement of a very small person. It's a fascinating feeling, and I'm kind of looking forward to more forceful activity. I'm finishing my 17th week now, which means that I'm almost half way done! I can't believe's gone by so quickly. Hopefully once school gets over, I'll be able to work on baby stuff that needs to get done. We've got some ideas for a nursery, and I want to make a quilt. Since the nursery will be in my sewing room, I sort of feel like the quilt needs to get done before the nursery can take shape. A good thing, though, will be that the baby won't actually be in there for a little while after it's born...we'll keep it in our bedroom for some time, giving us a little more leeway on the room. We've just got a lot of junk that needs to be displaced. We'll figure it out, I'm sure. We always do.

Well, enjoy your weekends. If you haven't seen the third Pirates movie--I highly reccomend it!

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