Thursday, August 16, 2007

Charley Barley

So, Charley got a haircut this week. He was getting a little warm (his stomach was getting upset from the heat and the hair...we were finding piles of cat puke all over) and stinky, so we decided that it was time for his bi-annual grooming. So, I'm putting up before and after pictures of him for your enjoyment.

In other news, Max and Jackie are back at school. We'll miss them, but they've got their school stuff to take care of.

I go back to school in about another week or so, too. And, I'm making progress on Little Guy's quilt. So, we're just keepin' on out here and getting our stuff done.

I hope that Charley makes you smile--he's really much happier with his haircut. He's chasing bugs and bouncing all over, where he was the resident dustmop. Perhaps he'll tone up his drowned-rat physique...probably not, but we love him anyway.


  1. aw...poor charlie! the before and after pics are priceless. i am glad he is feeling better.

    i am happy you figured out how to post pictures. now you'll have to post some of you two.

    miss you.