Saturday, December 6, 2008


So, it's taken me a little while to get in the Christmas swing this year. It took even longer last year. I think that both years I've been so focused on Joseph's birthday that once that's over, it takes me a while to change gears. This year, Joseph got so much stuff for his birthday that it's hard to get excited about buying more stuff when I'm constantly stepping on an assortment of plastic things already. At least I'm sending Christmas cards this year--that was totally neglected last year. And, I have managed to procure a few gifts for people. I do have to say that I've obtained particularly kick-ass gifts for both of my parents which I can't describe because my dad reads this--hi dad! Although, he knows what I got my mom...since he's paying for it...thanks, dad!

Anyway, now for those promised pictures. Hold on to your hats! I must say that the only reason that this is even happening is because I've been all alone in my house since 9:30 this morning and have successfully resisted all urges to do things of a housekeeping nature. I have: eaten a leisurely breakfast (of chocolate chip cookies and coffee, mmmm), watched Spongebob, sewn on my new stupid sock creature, read Twilight, knitted, printed and affixed all labels for aforementioned Christmas cards, taken my sweet time showering and dressing, chatted with a high school friend on Facebook (who's son has the same dairy/soy issue as Joseph and who knits too--such a silly small world sometimes), taken pictures of my fo's and wip, loaded them, and composed this post. Sounds like a lot...of wonderful futzing! Such a short time ago I would be getting antsy for Matt to return home from shopping, but now I'm loving my time alone since it has become a precious commodity for this oldest/only kid (since Max is 8 yrs younger than me, we're both essentially only's, but it's cool to have a brother!).
First, the finished objects:
My first sock--yeah me!
Sock with little stocking
Stupid Sock Creature
And a work-in-progress:
Cutest hat ever


  1. Ohhh! Tiny little sock!!!

    So cutest hat ever, too.

  2. those tiny socks are adorable? are you enjoying twilight? i still have to see the movie

  3. i accidentally put a question mark at the end of the sock sentence. that wasn't a question, they are cute!!