Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My teeth hurt.

My sinuses are so jam-packed solid full of disgustingness that my teeth hurt. Sleep is difficult, at best. Drugs are not an option. Bleh. And, I'm feeling this stupid mother guilt for sending Joseph to day care today so that I can sleep and take care of myself. I know that might not make a lot of sense...but, nevertheless...guilt. Stuffed up head, coughing, sore throat guilt. Hopefully I make it to work tomorrow...


  1. :( being sick is the worst! I had a terrible cold over thanksgiving and I had to skip work! Awful, I hope you feel better!!!

  2. You think maybe it's a sinus infection? Maybe there should be a doctor's visit in here somewhere...antibiotics are useless for colds, but helpful for bacterial superinfection. And boy do I wish I'd gone on some two weeks earlier than I did...

    And, not for nothin', but according to my pharmacopeia, dextromethorphan is safe for lactation. Doxylamine (the antihistamine in NyQuil) is not well studied in lactation, but may produce sedation in infants. Benadryl, though, safe. (PS - sudafed, not safe). Double check with your pediatrician or handy pharmacist, but I think a little benadryl and delsym cocktail might be in order for mom. Or, you can go for the hard stuff and pump and dump for a bit.