Sunday, January 25, 2009


I've got an assortment of pictures from the recent weeks. Generally, Joseph is a pretty serious little kid, but he has figured out that when the little light shines on the camera, that a picture is being taken. So, he periodically responds appropriately. Also, he and the cat have found a common interest: they LOVE watching the plow guy clean up the snow piles with his little Bobcat thingy. They could both watch him for hours. That being said, Joseph has developed quite the attraction to trucks, tractors, and general construction equipment. We stopped by Tractor Supply last week and practically had to pull him out of there. It was so cute! When he figured out that Papa had a tractor, he was pretty impressed (although his face would never indicate that). He's gotten to watch Daddy and Papa play on the big truck and finally got a ride today. He took his experience very seriously, but I think that he enjoyed it.
Mr. Ham
Can you believe this face?
Daddy's boy: that is coffee dripping down his face and all over his collar. I couldn't stand the stuff until I was in college, but Joseph seems to have more mature tastes...or something.
We took his new tricycle out for a spin the other day. It was chilly, but I think he had fun.
So serious.
Stuck. Again.
Definitely Daddy's boy.
Ridin' with Papa.


  1. OMG I have the cutest nephew on earth! What a little ham he is! I love it - keep 'em coming! Also, I know Matt was obsessed with trucks and cars and lawn mowers too, basically throughout his childhood. Definitely a Daddy's Boy.

  2. awww you have one too!!!! He def is a daddys boy!!! love the pic's...way too cute!!!:)