Thursday, January 22, 2009

Warning: Nerdy Content!

Being a self-proclaimed Nerdzilla (for, oh, so many reasons), I'm going to give you as much nerd-a-rific information about Allergy Boy as I can. And then I'm going to post some pictures.

Nerd stuff:

Since he's an excema baby (broke out at about 3 months, cleared up around 8), he apparently has elevated levels of Immunoglobulin E (IgE) in his system. IgE is (please, fellow nerds, correct me if I am wrong, here) one of the factors in our blood that reacts to clear irritants out of our systems. So, the doctors use the response of the IgE in his blood to see how he could/should/will react to various allergens. Since he's already got a whole lot of that (from the excema) in his system, it is quite easy and possible that the readings that they got for the various tests were misleadingly high...more IgE in his blood, more IgE to react more enthusiastically to more stuff. Regadless, the doctor says that his levels for pick-a-nut are high and that he should avoid them. Really? I was going to give him more. And, she said that the egg (white and yolk) values are high, but that he'll most likely grow out of that. And, she thinks that the elevated IgE levels were what gave us what we're hoping is a false positive on the dairy test. He's still doing okay with dairy (yogurt, cheese, butter, etc) and didn't barf from the Goldfish that he ate the other day. So, that's good. We learned how to use his Epipen and when we should administer that. I'm praying that we never need to use it. They'll retest him next year and see where we are at that point.

In the meantime, I'm still trying to stuff as much food into him as possible since it would be nice if he came back on the growth charts for his weight. He gives me The Chin (where he spins his head away from me so that all I can see is his chin) when I approach him with food that he's not interested in. He's figured out how to spit food out. And, he will take the food on his high chair tray, look at me and shake his head "no," throw it on the floor (to the all-too-willing dog), say "uh oh," and laugh. It's a good thing that he's cute...

And, speaking of the cute factor, I'll share it with you when I find the cord for my camera...

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