Sunday, May 17, 2009


As my mom says, "I'm feeling whelmed. Which is one step away from overwhelmed."

It's just that time of the year:
--Seniors have 3 weeks left, everyone else 4 (or something)
--Progress reports are due this week. I have sooo much to grade still. Bleh.
--Max and Jackie are getting married (my little brother is getting married--this just *hit* me on Friday) in less than 2 weeks
--Matt's sister and her husband have been married for one year (Yeah! You've survived!) in 2 weeks...not that this in itself is particularly stressful, just that I'm remembering it so that we can properly acknowledge it
--Matt's folks are coming out here for the aforementioned wedding in less than 2 weeks (Yeah!)
--At least the AP Chem exam is over
--I still have to finish my personal statement for my application to grad school. I know, I know...Matt says that we'll figure it out. So, I believe him. 'Nuff's 'nuff on this one. All I'm doing is burning daylight. I'm not getting any younger. So. There. You're all going to read about my stresses...2 parents both working full time and both going to school part time to complete two master's degrees at the same time with an almost-two-year-old at home (by the time that I start). Whatever.
--Oh, did I mention that we'd LOVE to move before then? We've just outgrown this place. So, we need to do something lest we stagnate...
--I think I killed my computer. It needs a Z-pack. Matt's cleaned it up twice, and it's still not better. I've got some insidious ad-ware thing on here.
--I'm supposed to be Walking for Water today, but it's raining. Irony.
--We have some of the best day care ladies in the world, and I want to do something for them for the end of the year. Any ideas? Time's a wastin'.

Whatever. It all gets done. Somehow, it all gets done.

I was chatting with my mom yesterday and I said that I've learned that in my 30's I have been busier than I feel like I have ever been before. I feel as if I have a millionty-two responsibilities that take me in 87 directions all at the same time. I most definitely sleep less than I ever have before, and I feel like the little lines around my eyes are becoming deeper...that eye cream that I ordered had better get here soon! Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining at all (well, maybe just griping a little). I love my life. I love my family. I love my job. I love being important to people. I know that I don't do it all--my house is a freakin' disaster and laundry has taken over the bedrooms--but, I think that I'm mostly there. Although, like I said, I think that I'm whelmed.


  1. Thanks for the encouragement - I DO feel like we made it after one year! Now, to work on the next 50....

    If it's any consolution, I feel the same way. Between moving and work and money issues (our ever-present issue), weddings and showers and graduation parties, AND trying to just keep up with laundry and having food in the house, I feel ten times more "whelmed" than I ever have before. As my dad would say, things just get harder as you get older....but then again, you get more rewards. :)