Sunday, November 1, 2009


I need to find the cord for my camera. I found the camera this weekend, and it's got some really cute pictures from this summer on it. So, I need to find the cord.

And, the flu needs to go f- itself. If that is in fact what has made our house unclean. I feel like I need to go find bells for us, or something... I thought that Joseph picked up my cold and it complicated itself into the croup. Matt has a fever, though. I never had a fever, as far as I can tell. I tend not to take my temperature, though. It's harder to ignore illness when you're more informed. Whatever.

I'm most concerned about what to do with the young man tomorrow. He's been fever-free all day and has been perky with the exception of the 3-hour scream/cry/whine-fest that ensued after he got woken up from his nap after only an hour. I think that he's going to go back to school. We'll see how that goes. As for the big guy, he's going to be on his own tomorrow. That's why he's the big guy.

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