Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Innovation and YouTube

This daily blogging thing is going to be hard. I feel like a lot of my life is pretty trivial and rather un-interesting to the casual observer. So, I'm going to bring something to this virtual table that was a topic of discussion today.

Election day is a teacher workshop day in my district. So, this afternoon I went to this workshop on Interdisciplinary Planning (IDP). It was ok. Not great, but ok. The best part of it was something that didn't even work. The presenter had a link in his presentation to this that ended up not working. Well, I don't know if it was really that version, but that's the one that I like the best right now. It really speaks to the absolute necessity for innovation in the classroom. The intention was to start a conversation about IDP and how we can integrate that into our classes, but I think that anything that gets teachers to think creatively is worthwhile. And,
teachers are notoriously the worst students, so it's pretty futile to try to keep us on task. So, I came away from today with some energy to try to integrate some cool stuff into my classroom. We'll see how that goes.
I had more complete thoughts, but I'm currently distracted by Matt who is on the other couch crying (I'm not kidding, he has real tears) and coughing up whatever lungs are left since he's recovered from his flu over this. Ahhh, the future of America...I have hope for Joseph.

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