Friday, January 15, 2010

Couple pictures

First things first. Joseph is 2. So, here he is with Mona. His face is dirty and he's got kind of a scowl on, but...welcome to 2.
We all went on a train ride for Christmas in early December. Joseph LOVES trains and this one had Santa, too. So, it was a slam dunk. We drove up to North Conway and rode around in a winter wonderland. It was fun.
Short story: my parents had these two wonderful teachers from China staying with them from the end of September through December 23. Vivian and Winter (Winter's in pink) are two of the sweetest people you would ever want to know and we miss them lots. They made us delicious Chinese food and are so kind and friendly. Joseph asks about them every time that we see an airplane since he knows that they went for a really long plane ride to go home to China. So sweet.
And, while we were in Chicago, Joseph got to drive a tractor.

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  1. Love the first one! It's like he's so disgruntled that he's having his picture taken.
    Hope everything is going well in NH.