Thursday, February 4, 2010


How many people with ADD does it take to change a light bulb? Oh, look, a chicken!

That's kind of how my brain is running right now. I have so many things coursing between my ears that I need to list them for later expansion, or just to list them:
  • Obama was friggin' amazing. I promise that I'll post pictures. I touched him. Wow.
  • I heard "Glory Days" on the way home tonight, and it got me thinking. I am so completely and totally blessed. Although life has changed in many ways, I usually feel like I'm currently living my Glory Days. High school was neat. College was cool. DINK status was pretty cool. Parenthood is amazing. And, I'm hopeful that the best is yet to come.
  • I'm re-vamping my chemistry course this semester. It's been a long time coming, and I've got an incredible group of students this semester, so I think that it'll be a go. I just need to find the time to create the necessary materials.
  • Standardized tests are fundamentally flawed. I lost two and a half hours of my life this afternoon learning how to score these math exams that our freshmen and sophomores took a couple of weeks ago. No wonder our students score 33% proficient in math!! The scoring guidelines are absurd! The kids know waaaay more math than that, it's just that the way that the questions and rubrics are written, you have to be absolutely perfect to earn the scores. Humf.
  • It took me a little while to warm up to my VUE, but this is ranking high on the list of most amazing cars ever. You should get one. It rocks. And, it doesn't have a broken accelerator pedal.
  • I'm posting it, so it's real now. We've resolved that 2010 will bring us a new home. Our condo has done a very nice job, and we like it a lot. We've just outgrown it, and if we want to continue growing, we need more room. So, we're hopeful for a 3 bedroom place somewhere. Hopeful thoughts will help!
  • Potty training can't come soon enough. I'm kind of sick of "Mama, change bum."
Ok. I feel better now. Here are a couple of cute pictures from last weekend. Not Obama, but Joseph is cuter ;)


  1. Lol, you're right, he is much cuter :)

  2. The pictures are adorable. I'm interested in what you're going to do with your chemistry class. I am a scientist myself (what gave that away, haha) but Chemistry was never my strong subject.

  3. Yeah for moving! Good luck with that. I'm sure you'll find something wonderful. And I can't believe how big your little man is getting! Freakin adorable...Keep me posted on house hunting and have fun!

  4. "mama change bum! don't squish!"